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Your complete vehicle & equipment service specialists

We strive to meet and exceed all our customer expectations and remain your mechanic of choice


Fleet Vehicles, Truck, Bus, Trailers, Servicing & Repairs 
We specialise in heavy vehicles and will service, repair and maintain all types of vehicles. You can rely on the automotive technicians at Transport Maintenance to have your vehicle, truck, crane, farm machinery or agricultural equipment back in business when you need it.

We offer commercial vehicle repair services at competitive prices. We are committed to providing fast and efficient maintenance and repairs whilst ensuring the highest quality of work. Simply leave your vehicle with us - we will diagnose the issue, provide a quote and efficient repairs to get your vehicle back on the road.

The Transport Maintenance team are highly qualified and experienced champions of full fleet servicing, we carry out:
clutch overhauls; brake repairs; steering and suspension; overheating and cooling systems; auto-electrical faults; differentials and engine tune-up's. We are happy to work on cars, vans, motor homes, horse floats, trucks of all sizes and classes, trailers, curtain siders, heavy machinery, crane trucks, ride on mowers as well as farm and orchid equipment.

We also have a full welding and fabrication facility to manufacture towbars, drawbars and perform chassis repairs.

EWP & Crane Truck Certification
We have in-house CBIP qualified technicians to conduct 3, 6 & 12 monthly checks and 5 yearly rebuilds on your elevating work platform. Our service facility in Maleme Street can perform maintenance and service or major rebuilds to ensure your lifting equipment, including horticultural cherry pickers, scissor lifts and bucket trucks remain compliant operating peak performance.  


Heavy Vehicle Wheel Alignment
Trucks, trailers, motorhomes and horse floats require specialised heavy vehicle wheel alignment using laser technology. Be sure that you are safe on the road by using the qualified automotive technicians at Transport Maintenance. 

Three angles of wheel alignment are checked, the camber, caster and toe as well as the KPI Kingpin inclination. Each has a different angle calculated by the vehicle maker to improve the performance of the vehicle's steering and suspension systems with the goal of making the vehicle handle smoothly, responsively, safely and predictably.

The benefits of a wheel alignment are:
Reduced tyre wear;
Improved fuel economy;
Better vehicle handling;
Smoother and more comfortable ride and 
Increased mileage from your tyres.

Signs your vehicle may require a wheel alignment are:
Feathered edges of tyres;
Uneven tyre wear;
Steering wheel misaligned;
Worn shoulders of tyres and
Vehicle not tracking straight.

If you detect any of these signs bring your heavy vehicle to Transport Maintenance for a wheel alignment.

COF & WOF Repairs
Put your vehicle inspections in the hands of a trained vehicle technician and mechanic. Transport Maintenance provides a pre-warrant of fitness check for trailers, cars, vans and light trucks.

For heavy vehicles, machinery and trucks, we provide Certificate of Fitness pre-inspections and any necessary repairs to pass your COF check.

What to expect from your COF check:

Transport Maintenance will complete the pre COF check, 
deliver the truck for its COF, pick it up again, bring it back for any necessary repairs and (after approval) have it ready to go when you are called to collect it.

Please note that Transport Maintenance also supply, repair and upgrade vehicle parts, truck and heavy vehicle parts, tractor parts and lawn mower parts for ride-on's.   


Tractors and Ride-On Mowers
Buy new Steelfort brands or get regular servicing for your machinery to keep it running in optimal performance.

Your tractor is the trusty workhorse… the safe, sturdy, dependable piece of equipment without which many tasks—or even running the farm—would be impossible! Whether you have a new tractor or an old or “previously appreciated” model, regular maintenance is the key to protecting your investment.

Keep your tractor or mower clean with mild degreaser and water, applied to the body and underside which can clear away mud, grime, acids, and chemicals. Clear the radiator screens of accumulated dirt and grass. However, don’t overdo it. Washing is a double-edged sword. It helps protect the condition of the chassis and keeps dirt out of the pivots, but it can cause the electrical system to corrode and short out. Keep a good balance of careful cleaning, with plenty of time between washings to let the tractor or mower dry out before using it again. The biggest mistake you can make with respect to tractor and mower maintenance is not doing it.

Transport Maintenance has a mobile service where we can repair onsite or collect your tractor or mower to be serviced at our workshop and returned back to you at your convenience. 

Motor Home, Horse truck, Float and Trailer Repairs
Regain that sense of freedom and mobility that you can't find anywhere else. If you don't want to see your motorhome stuck in the wilderness, you need regular services and repairs.

Transport Maintenance are the champions that keep motor homes and horse floats on the road and running smoothly. We check your brakes, steering, suspension, tyres and wheel alignment as well as doing COF preparation, repairs and certification.


EWP Truck for Hire
Contact us to hire our Elevated Work Platform truck for short or long term. This vehicle is certified for use on the powe distribution network.

Current mechanical and electrical certification is up to date and includes.
5 x 3' Safety Cones - Marked 'TMT F38'
4 x Wooden Jack Pads
1 x St John - Compact First Aid Kit
2 x Wheel Chocks
1 x Engineers Vice No. 5
2 x Operation Manuals - SH136 Aerial Lift
1 x Spill Kit

The truck must be operated or used by suitably qualified personnel.

Mobile Mechanic
We come to you with our mobile workshop service and provide top quality repairs for your vehicle, machinery and tractors in the BOP area. If your vehicle has broken down, don't worry, give us a call and we will be there to help you. We have the necessary tools and equipment to carry out roadside repairs and help get your vehicle back on the road.
 We know how important it is to have your commercial vehicles in operation at all times. That is why we are here to help you. A vehicle breakdown can occur at any time and disrupt your business, but you don't have to worry because we are here for you.